Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Cyber Bullying

On Wednesday afternoon a lady from Dublin came in to talk to us about cyber-bullying. She came in when we were in 4th class as well. She taught us to be safe on the internet. Cyber-bullying is bullying on the internet, take social media for example like Instagram, Snapchat, Musically or Twitter, well they are really dangerous and you have be careful and don’t bully and if someone bullies you, don’t be afraid to get evidence or take a picture if you can and give it to someone you trust, for example the principal, your teacher, your parents or your friends. The internet is a dangerous place even if you’re just on YouTube or even this blog. Bullying could also destroy your future careers and college applications because all of your bullying gets tracked and the people in colleges and schools know about it so don’t bully and anyway why would you want to? We all have our negatives thoughts about things and people but let’s just keep them to ourselves and not cause drama. So that’s all Paula taught us, just remember be a ‘Buddy Not A Bully’.                                                           -Phoebe

Monday, 12 March 2018

World Book Day

Last Thursday was world book day and we had so much fun. We first had to go into class and get into pairs. My partner was Rhianna, we had a lot of fun on the way down. Teacher gave us our book token and after that we walked down town. When we finally reached Easons all of us picked a book. I got the book Brain Freeze. Then the woman gave us either a chomp or a freddo bar, I got a chomp. After that when we got back to school teacher let us read a bit of our book.
By Keely 

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Our upcoming assembly

On Friday 23/2/18 we are doing an assembly and It’s about 20 things we should say more often, for example If someone said ‘You can’t do it’ how would you feel ? I would feel very sad, but if someone said, ‘You can do it, I know you can!’ How would you feel?  I would feel very happy. If you are cheering someone on, you are encouraging them to do well
By Leah

Nutrition talk

Today we had a nutrition talk from fresh today. We learned all about the amount of sugar we eat everyday and how we could cut it down.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Sleeping Beauty

On the 06/02/18 we went to our school hall to watch a show. It was based on the movie Sleeping Beauty. It was about a girl that was a princess but she did not know she was a princess because when she was very young a witch cast a spell on her. Then on her sixteenth birthday she would prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and she would die. But then the good fairy reversed the spell when she pricked her finger and she would not die but fall into a deep sleep from which she could only be woken from by being kissed by a prince that truly loved her.
So the Fairy brought her to a cottage in the middle of the woods away from all the wheels in the land. So soon her sixteenth birthday came but the witch found her and put on a disguise so that the princess would not find out that she was the witch. She then gave the princess a present and it was a spinning wheel, she forced the princess to touch the spindle of the spinning wheel and the princess fell into a deep sleep. But she knew no prince, let alone a prince that loved her, the only person that loved her and that she loved back was the wood cutter’s son. So the wood cutter’s son went to go find the princess but he got locked in the witche’s dungeon.  But the witche’s minion did not like the witch so he helped the wood cutter’s son to get out and get to the King so he could change him into a prince. He went over to the princess and kissed her. She awoke and they had a huge wedding and invited all the kingdom and they lived happily ever after
                                                                             THE END
That’s the original story but they done like dances in between all the scenes. It was really funny because they got two teachers to get up and dance with them it was really good. Everybody in my class enjoyed it. It was the best version of sleeping beauty ever!

By Aisling

The Dublin Peace Proms 2018

On the 4th of February 5th and 6th went to the Dublin Peace Proms concert were we had to sing. There were about 2,500 children singing from different counties, we had to sing about 12 songs. We wore a white t-shirt, black trousers and black shoes.  The peace proms concert started at 2pm and we came back home at 6:45pm. It was a lot of fun there.  We had to bring a bottle of water, lunch, a treat, a snack and a plastic bag. You were not allowed to bring a phone, IPad or money, they were very strict about that. There was a conductor there, his name was Greg Beardsell who is renowned for his extraordinary ability to lead powerful exhilarating performances. And there were soloists too their names were Ross Scanlon, Tenor Lauren Murphy, Vocals St. Colmcille, Pipe and Drum Corps Cormac Keegan, Uilleann Pipes King Academy of Irish Dancing, Katie Weir, Soprano Patricia Treacy, Violin Grahame Harris, Bagpipes Michelle Johnson Dancers. The whole class enjoyed going to the Peace Proms concert. Thank you for reading my story.
By Samanta.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Sleeping Beauty

We are having great fun this morning watching Sleeping Beauty by M and M productions

Cyber Bullying

On Wednesday afternoon a lady from Dublin came in to talk to us about cyber-bullying. She came in when we were in 4 th class as well. She...