Tuesday, 28 November 2017

A visit from an author

On Friday we went to visit an author in the hall! She has published 2 ghost books. She was reading a few of her pages to 4th, 5th & 6th .After she was done reading a few pages she answered a lot of questions like “When did you start writing books?” and “Who was your favourite author?”
It took her 18 months to be able to publish both of her books, write the books, add pictures and also design the front of the book. She also loved to read as kid and she got into Roald Dahl books and that’s why she started to write. Her books were nice to read and listen too. They are long books that you could bring along on very long field trips.
One of the characters was Henry and he was the main character. Her books were a scary type and adventurous. I hope in the future she can publish more books and invent new characters. As of today you can get her books and read them, I hope you like her books like I do!

By Mary Jane 

Monday, 20 November 2017

Art Competition Winner

Congratulations to Pheobe who won  the Cavan County Council art competition. Pheobe designed a fantastic poster to raise awareness on pollution prevention. It is currently displayed at many of the bus stops down town, keep an eye out for it. Pheobe won lots of goodies for the class and herself as well as a compost bin and water collector for the school. Well done Pheobe, we are so proud of you!

Monday, 13 November 2017

My mid term break

On Hallowe’en. I Went Trick or treating with my sister and then we watched a movie. After watching the movie my friend Samanta came and asked if I would go trick or treating with her. I said, "Yes”. After a while this man got a mask and scared us. It was so much fun.

By Maria Dunova 

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Library visit

Last week we went on a visit to the library to borrow some books for the Ms.Readathon competition. So all of us hunted for books to borrow, some kids in our class bought library cards so they got to borrow their own books, luckily our teacher had her library card so we all got to borrow a book each. After that we had to leave, before we left our teacher took a photo of us. It was great fun.

By Zainab 

Storytelling in the library

On Friday the 6th of October our class went to the library. Not to read books, but to listen to an author telling us stories!
He told us about dolls that look all the same but are not. We loved the stories!

By Marija Danko

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Study ladder

In the computer room we use study ladder. It is so much fun we all like it because it has our favourite subjects there for example; history, science and maths. Everyone enjoys it  and no one gets bored. You can also make an avatar and design your room.  You can do maths battles and learn your tables.

By Jessica

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Swimming Lessons

Every Wednesday morning we meet in the classroom and we have to get out our homework. After that we line up and if it is raining we wait for a bus. But if it is dry we walk up. And then when we get there we hang our jackets up. And then get our swimsuits on and get ready to walk out. We get into the pool and start swimming. After we’re done we get dressed and walk back up to school, after having  great fun!             

By Rhianna

A visit from an author

On Friday we went to visit an author in the hall! She has published 2 ghost books. She was reading a few of her pages to 4 th , 5 th &...